At the Eindhovensche Golf we seek to provide a relaxed and sociable ambience in which golf can be played and enjoyed. We expect all golfers playing on our course or using our facilities to act in a sportsmanlike way and show courtesy to fellow players.

We would, therefore, ask you to comply with the following: 

  • Please be courteous to all fellow players and personnel
  • Don’t delay while playing
  • Should your play be slower, please let through the flight behind you
  • Wait till the flight in front of you is well out of hitting distance before hitting your ball
  • Pay attention to the people in your flight and others on the course
  • Trolleys and golf carts are only allowed on the designated paths and on the fairways
  • Please repair pitch marks
  • Please rake the bunker should you be so unfortunate as to land in it
  • Please replace divots
  • Respect our flora and fauna

Course personnel always has right of way. If a blue light is flashing on one of the course machines or if course personnel is within playing distance, play is not permitted.